Bentonite Clay Bath Mercury Detox Kit...
Bentonite Clay Bath Mercury Detox Kit...
Bentonite Clay Bath Mercury Detox Kit – 2.5kg
Bentonite Clay Bath Mercury Detox Kit – 2.5kg

Bentonite Clay Bath Mercury Detox Kit – 2.5kg

Bentonite Clay

·         Safely and Effectively Release Years of Pollutants

·         Decrease High Levels of Chemicals and Metals

·         Spend Less Time and Money Compared to Chelation

·         Private and Convenient: No Special Equipment Needed 

·         100-Percent Raw, Untreated Clay in Its Natural State

It’s true that toxin levels in our blood are rapidly increasing, with major spikes seen in the last 10 years. But “crash cleanses” may not be safe or even necessary. Clay baths are the simple, mild, and effective detoxification method our ancestors have used for centuries.

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20+ years of clay detox for pain, fatigue & healing

Every day, we’re exposed to environmental pollutants. On top of that, each of our cells creates waste. When waste by-products build up faster than we can clear them, our body can become toxic, sluggish, and sick.

Some common symptoms that may indicate the need for a deeper detox include:

·         Bloating and gas

·         Brain fog

·         Chronic indigestion/discomfort

·         Excess acidity

·         Fatigue

·         Stiff joints

Clay baths can be used in a series to promote relaxation and systematically release toxins. It’s also possible to experience symptoms like fatigue, headache, nausea, and light-headedness as toxins are eliminated. A dark or black residue, containing impurities, may be drawn to the bottom of the tub. These symptoms normally subside, leading to a stronger sense of wellbeing, within 4 to 12 baths.

For a long time, 100-percent raw clay detox baths have been used to address chronic health problems, environmental sensitivity, and aches, pains, and fatigue, as well as for long-term maintenance.

Relieve toxic radiation build-up in as little as 3 weeks

For more serious conditions, like heavy metal accumulation or radiation exposure, clay baths can be spaced 5 to 7 days apart with soaks lasting up to 15 minutes. Results vary depending on the person and the level of toxicity. But since clay works like a charged mineral, its negative electromagnetic energy may begin to bind to and flush toxic substances from the body within four baths, or about three weeks.

Acting as a catalyst, bentonite clay helps quicken chemical reactions. Soaking first to address any existing health problems, and then soaking up to twice a week for maintenance, increases the odds that environmental or ingested toxins will be absorbed before they hit the bloodstream. Easing the toxic burden supports the health of the liver and kidneys. It also keeps waste products from building up in the colon so we can take in more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Clays, like bentonite, can pull toxins through the pores. Regular clay baths help stimulate the lymphatic system and cleanse the skin, the largest detox organ in our body.

Supporting our body’s natural ability to detoxify matters because it can bring us back to our healthier, undisturbed state. Some doctors have hypothesised that our cells might be immortal, if only we could keep them nourished and protected against pollution. Releasing toxic overload improves our longevity, and a bentonite clay bath is one of the gentlest and most affordable ways to do it.

* Always consult your doctor if you are on prescription medication or have a heart condition, high blood pressure, or other special health concerns. 



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