Prescript Biotics ™ – 90 Veg caps 500mg
Prescript Biotics ™ – 90 Veg caps 500mg
Prescript Biotics ™ – 90 Veg caps 500mg
Prescript Biotics ™ – 90 Veg caps 500mg

Prescript Biotics ™ – 90 Veg caps 500mg

  • Custom Cultured Blend of 8 x Soil-Based Organisms

    PrescriptBiotics™ contains a “Bio-Identical” SBO Probiotics Consortia™, a custom cultured microflora blend which is an exact match for the diversity of bacteria found in primitive guts thousands of years ago.

  • Includes A Prebiotics Food Source

    These soil-based organisms are cultured in their ancestral plant matter of humic and fulvic acids (a natural prebiotic).

  • Supports Digestive Health

    The naturally friendly flora helps the delicate balance of bacteria in your gut, supporting digestion and nutrient absorption.

  • Immune System Benefits

    It provides immune function support for adults and children.

  • Sourced From Nature

    Derived from a pristine natural source, PrescriptBiotics™ is entirely chemical, toxin and GMO-free.

  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

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A custom cultured blend of 8 x soil-based organisms in a prebiotic food source of humic and fulvic acids

The human gut is host to over 100 trillion bacteria of 400 different species. Your body relies on these healthy "bugs" to digest food, absorb nutrients, and produce the B vitamins and enzymes needed to support your daily health. Every day, this delicate balance of good bacteria in the gut is at risk: poor diet, lack of fibre, excess alcohol, smoking, antibiotic use, little exercise and sleep, stress, and even environmental toxins can challenge the gut.

Ingesting PrescriptBiotics™ Bio-Identical” SBO Probiotics Consortia™, inoculates the gut with friendly, soil-based bacteria (SBOs). This naturally friendly flora helps restore the delicate balance of bacteria, regulate digestion, and ward off disease.

Nourishing the gut with a daily soil-based probiotic gives back to it the same species of bacteria found in nature. Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors were ingesting these bacteria every day in the organic ‘farm to table’ foods they ate. These SBOs are custom cultured to be an exact match and replacement for the multitude of friendly bacteria strains that have gone missing from our modern food - and our modern guts. They work collectively to bring our guts back into balance.

You won’t find any mention of CFU on the label, as this is misleading regarding SBOs. The SBOs in PrescriptBiotics™ are dormant and intact and come alive when they reach your gut. They contain an infinite number of soil-based bacteria, activated with water to become living organisms when you take a capsule. Once awakened, they survive the harsh environment of the digestive tract, band together and start to multiply. Their effect on each gut will differ, depending on your current gut health. Therefore, a CFU measurement has no bearing on their potency.

The SBOs in PrescriptBiotics™ are cultured together and encapsulated in their own ancestral food source to keep them vital and living: a humic and fulvic acid prebiotic made from minerals that are billions of years old and extracted from deep inside the earth. This pristine processing ensures that each PrescriptBiotics™ capsule meets the highest standard in quality. PrescriptBiotics™ capsules are pure, chemical-free, toxin-free, GMO-free, nutrient-rich, and naturally dehydrated to avoid damage in the freeze-drying process.

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